Hi there!

Hello!  I’m Kristi Reyes, a noncredit ESL instructor at MiraCosta College, in Oceanside, CA, where I have taught adults from around the world the English language, along with a bit of American culture and workplace training, since 1998.  It was “destiny” for me to work at this school, I believe.  When I was in graduate school at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, for a class on community college systems, I had an assignment in which I had to use the internet (no Google then!) to gather information about a couple of community colleges and write up a report.  I remember seeing a picture of the MCC campus in San Elijo (see photo), and I told myself “I am going to work there one day.”  Six months later, graduated and living in San Diego without a teaching job yet, I found a classified ad for an ESL teaching job at MiraCosta College, applied, and got the interview.



One month after getting my MA degree, I was working at MiraCosta!  I always tell my students, many of whom had professions in their native countries and are now having to start all over in the USA, this story because if you have a goal, say it, and take steps to make it happen, it will!  Note:  I don’t actually work at the San Elijo campus and never have taught there.  Instead this is where I work, at the Community Learning Center downtown…


Almost as beautiful 😉  However, I suppose that once I teach online, I could “say” that I teach in San Elijo… or Paris… or Bali, right?

Besides teaching, which pretty much takes up all my time, I do contract work for OTAN, doing synchronous online technology training for teachers, writing articles on Web-based class activities for adult educators, teaching with technology Web site and app reviews, among other stuff.

The rest of my time is spent caring for my two kids, aged 11 and 4, and pets (one dog, one cat, two parakeets).  I used to travel a lot and have lived in France and Tonga (south Pacific), but now I’m lucky if I get to have a weekend escape to Palm Springs, San Diego, or San Francisco.  Anyway, the students in my classes come from everywhere (right now – Mexico, Guatemala, Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Belarus, and Poland), so really the great thing about my job is that I can *travel* without ever having to leave California!

To finish up this first post, the setting up of this blog wasn’t too difficult.  I have used wikis and blogs in my classes before, and I already had a WordPress acct (though I had no idea what the password was!).  I used WordPress quite a few years ago when I team-taught a Vocational ESL class with a colleague, and we did an online exchange with a vocational English class in Spain.  I am not really good at bells and whistles additions, but I can navigate the basics… it just takes time to get used to a new dashboard and platform.

Well, now to go and enjoy the “official end of the summer” 😦

I look forward to learning, creating, and trying out new things.  Cheers!


3 thoughts on “Hi there!

  1. Hi Kristy,
    I can tell you are a great ESL teacher because in my opinion what ESL learners need is confidence. I came here in 2008 to study a post-degree in UCSD, while in here I meet the love on my life and got married. I left Spain and had to start all over again. I thought none will ever hire me with my thick accent but guess what, they do. So, it is a matter of confidence and that didn’t happen to me until I told myself not to care about my accent and just move forward. If you ever need a speaker for your classes to help them show that it is possible, I would love to talk to them.
    Also, at some point I would to learn a little more about synchronous online technology. I am teaching Spanish online classes and having synchronous activities is the hardest part.
    I look forward to sharing ideas with you:)

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