Week 9 POT – Our Students Online

The articles College Students on the Web and Growing up Digital, Wired for Distraction were interesting, but the information was not surprising.  Maybe we should teach via text messages?!

Here is a draft of the FAQs for they hybrid Vocational ESL I teach.  I look forward to getting ideas from other POT participants’ FAQs, since this is my first shot as writing them for online classes.

This class is hybrid.  What does that mean?

Hybrid means that this class partially conducted online.  The class meets Monday through Wednesday at the Community Learning Center Room 113 12 – 3:20 p.m., but you will need to complete three hours of online study and class work each week.

I’m not sure online study is right for me.  How can I know?

Do you know how to navigate the internet? (for example, click links and scroll)  Do you have three hours per week available to spend doing class work online?  If you answered yes to both questions, this class is perfect for you. If not, we have other classes that are not hybrid and maybe better suited to your needs and interests.

I don’t understand how to do the online work.  How can I get help?

You may meet with me before class Monday – Wednesday, during class break times, or after class.  You can visit the instructor in the Community Learning Lab Tuesdays 5 – 9 p.m. or Thursdays 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  You can call or text me at (760) 555-5555 or email me at kreyes @ miracosta.edu.  I will get back to you within 24 hours.

What will I do online?

For the three online hours required per week as part of your participation in this class, you will work on the Blackboard course for this class and use Burlington English.

  • The Blackboard assignments and activities include speaking and pronunciation activities on voice boards, reading and grammar exercises, vocabulary practice, writing assignments, and quizzes.  The activities you should do each week are listed in the Week section.
  • For career preparation, you will choose a career area and complete activities on Burlington English, a program you can download for free to any PC.  These activities include vocabulary, listening, speaking, reading, dialogs, and pronunciation.

How do I log in?

For both Blackboard and Burlington English, you will log in with the user name and password provided to you in class by the instructor.

Is there any special equipment I need?

For Blackboard, you only need internet access.  For Burlington English, you will also need internet access.  You can download the program for free to a PC (the program does not currently work on Apple products, such as Macintosh computers).  Download instructions are provided to you in class.  For some assignments, you will use Office products (Microsoft Word and PowerPoint), but you will normally be provided time in class to work on these assignments during our assigned computer lab day (Wednesdays).


I have used Survey Monkey quite a lot to poll faculty, particularly when I was department chair.  I had not used it much with students, instead opting to use Blackboard surveys.  However, when proposing hybrid status for some our noncredit ESL classes, I wanted to get some info (and to provide support for the rationale in my sabbatical application).  Unfortunately Survey Monkey does not give you graphics or let you download the results of surveys without a paid subscription.  Nonetheless, it’s easy enough to copy and paste the results into Excel.

Here are results of a survey I conducted with our Levels 5 – 7 ESL students last year


and the results of a survey from a few weeks ago

Student Tech Accessiblilty Survey – Fall 2014

These are the results of a survey of our department’s faculty regarding their technology learning needs.  Our WIA grant requires that we submit an annual technology plan, so we plan tech trainings for our faculty based on info gleaned from the survey.

NCESL 2013 Tech Needs Survey

I will be training the faculty on using Quizlet (a flex workshop available to any MCC faculty) on Thursday, Nov. 6, 5 – 5:50 p.m. at the Community Learning Center, room 135. Here’s the handout for anyone who wants to try out Quizlet for creating vocabulary/ terminology practice for your students.

Quizlet Flex Workshop with handout for download

The individual activities (flashcards with audio, games, tests) can be embedded on a Web page or CMS.

Some examples:


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