Week 14 POT – This is the End

In keeping with (or departing from) the syllabus’ ’60s music theme, This is the End. Actually, I’m too young to much remember this music 😉

The following list includes my posts and (very) brief summaries of their content for this MiraCosta College Program for Online Teaching certification session:

Week 1 Post: An introduction to me, what I do, and my level of ease using WordPress

Week 2 Post: A reflection on the results of my beginner’s / getting started questionnaire and my confidence level in teaching online at the time

Week 3 Post: Ideas about what instructional elements I plan, or at least hope to explore further, as I design my online courses

Week 4 Post: Ideas about what I would/will include in an online syllabus

Week 5 Post: Ideas about what I would do to attempt to replicate the feeling of community in the online portion of hybrid courses I teach

Week 6 Post: Ideas about online students activities that I think would work, be effective, and be valuable for language learning

Week 7 Post: Reflections on intellectual property and commentary about how different cultures view this differently

Week 8 Post: Class elements I have created with external Web tools and sites (shortlist) and my first attempt at using TechSmith Relay

Week 9 Post: My initial draft of FAQs for the hybrid Vocational ESL class I teach

Week 10 Post: My experience with CMS/LMS, blogs, and wikis

Week 11 Post: What little I know about online educational theory (I’m a practician who learns through trial & error rather than a theorist) and key points of a text a read about the future trends in education in general

Week 12 Post: Musings on open education, flipped and blended learning

Week 13 Post: Reflections on the materials of this week and my PLN

Final Project


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